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Brand PRO3con was founded in 2005 as a company providing services in engineering with specialization for small projection of structural constructions and welded structures. Involved in the development and design of constructions for major Slovak and European companies.

Constant retraining of our employees and investment in the development of the company PRO3con gradually qualifies as a design company in the energy and petrochemical industries with using of PDM systems. The continuing need for technology verification using static and dynamic simulations were an incentive to purchase a high-performance hardware and software and were an incentive to found new analysis department within the company as well. PRO3con became a major partner in the project design for PDM systems and use of scientific simulation of static and dynamic analysis, seismic analysis, wind and snow analysis, flow calculation, pressure losses and other analysis correspond to piping systems.

Currently the company PRO3con Group , s.r.o. is one of the few companies situated in Slovakia which provides support in the areas of most responsible and largest industries as nuclear or petrochemical industry.

In own development, the company has constantly dealt with the implementation of IT technologies and infrastructure. Our own experience and the experience of experts in the industry, we provide to the other companies, which led to the establishment of new separated department - the IT & Security , offering IT solutions. infrastructures and data security for a wide range of customers.

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